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Are you a retailer?

If you are a retailer and want to participate in the increasingly expanding e-commerce market by trying online sales in the new virtual reality, today with MeetShop you can. MeetShop in terms of features is the first program that proposes an absolutely new, intuitive and practical system that allows the shopkeeper to create his own shop in 3D.
Follow the instructions that you are given and you will be able to create your store, choose the furniture, arrange the items, all in absolute autonomy because you do not need specific knowledge. Just follow the indicated path.
You will manage your store in the exhibition and online sales in an autonomous and direct way without intermediaries. And, only if you wish, at no cost you can also manage a real-time contact with customers.
From MeetShop, with a small expense, for you to create your new e-commerce accessible to everyone and at any time, it will be really easy.


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